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Patterns – Let´s mix!

For this week, we will start with natural inspirations in all their shapes and continue to see basic tips and ideas to mix what we showed you last week. Green plants such as banana leaves (Brazilliance pattern by fabulous designer Dorothy Draper) palms and ferns are commonly found in wallpaper but you can use them in all the other decoration forms you can imagine. Also, basic natural forms in color: The greatness of flowers is everywhere. By the way, Target is launching a collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer´s brand. Check out the natural and bright patterns: Geometric patterns are as basic as solid color accesories. They help us to give balance in an interesting way. Now, let´s make it happen: There are very simple ways of mixing prints. One (easiest and safest) is to pick a bold design and mix it with a basic geometric pattern from the same palette (maybe lighter or darker tones): For more fun, use that simple geometric pattern in a different color to make the pattern burst, or try a more …

Patterns – What to look for

One of the biggest challenges for dressing up a space is to pick the prints and patterns. Furniture is easier because it is mostly picked by its function. Fabrics and prints are a bigger challenge because they are the ones that set the mood of the space. I want to show you inspiring images of popular trends for patterns for this and next week. They can be used in wallpaper, pillows, upholstery, throws, lamp shades, drapery, rugs, framed art, and even accessories like trays and bowls. Watercolor/Free hand designs Also, check out how cool the dalmatian print is! Around the world cultures inspiration is a very strong one too: Please look forward to part II on patterns next Wednesday. We want to show you more ideas and examples of how to mix them. We are getting closer to Friday! Don´t miss our travel post. Author:  Daniela Olmedo