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Color Story: Marsala and Peach & Copper

Internet has changed the way trends worked. It has made the information so accessible; it seems like we can pick the ideas out of the creator’s brain. Since everything comes and goes faster now, we have to have our eyes wide open.

To tell you what trend to follow would be like me telling you what food you should find tasty. Your house is yours. Our role as designers should be to absorb what you love and who you are and make it work with style. I would like to guide you on which are the most popular trends in interior design so you can choose and apply what you like into your own space.  For the month of April, we will talk about the latest styles around the world.

Let’s start with color: Marsala and its palette (The absolute winner in 2015 as color of the year).

Image from

This strong and intense color is part of a fabulous palette played with reds, purples, and pinks. It is an absolute hit and will bring life into any room. Here is a picture that I took outside of a restaurant in London while walking around in December.

IMG_4870Love this mix with the houndstooth pattern (looks like plaid in the picture).  Also, while going into Harrods, I found the latest collections from Vitra, B&B and other brands and again, marsala was the top choice.


After I returned home, I went to the Las Vegas Market and found a wonderful art piece from Zoe Bios Creative that could absolutely make a statement if you can’t/don’t want to change the furniture. By the way, all of their pieces are strong and beautiful. I highly recommend them.


So, the marsala palette is warm, strong and attractive. Give it a chance and include it in your space, paint a wall or even a door, an accent piece of furniture, accessories, etc.

marsala door



Peach and Copper

These two are the perfect team. Peach is a color that has been out of our minds for a really long time (maybe not even for the millennials lifetime). Soft but at the same time fun and edgy just because it is different. Yes, it can be feminine but if you mix it with darker colors you could be surprised how well it works and stands out.




a260d83076b2052ad488f60a0edef0d1 (1)



Of course we have many other colors and mixes to talk about, but I will be including them in future articles. For example, another big star is green but will be mainly presented in its most natural and bold form in our next post.

Author:  Daniela Olmedo (a design professional)

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