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Must Do’s: Paris from a Local Point of View (Part 2)

After sampling the eclectic selections of dining venues in Paris, it is time to look for places to drink, shop, and be merry.  The thing that Parisians do so well is to enjoy life with a certain “je ne sais quoi” attitude.  My favorite afternoon activities while living in Paris was to watch people go by and invent stories for them.  It is very much a tradition in Paris to meet up with friends for chit chat at anytime of the day.

Must Shop:

Impossible project space

Wahiba:  “a cool polaroid shop”

Librairie Ofr

Wahiba:  “a wonderful bookshop with a lot of art and photo books”


Wahiba:  “a great bakery”

Le store MK2 Bibliothèque

Wahiba:  “a concept-store”

Les guetteurs du vent

Wahiba:  “an interesting bookshop”

Pierre Hermé (the one on 185 rue de Vaugirard)

Wahiba:  “gorgeous desserts in a very innovative interior design”

Charcuterie Verot

Wahiba:  “gorgeous charcuterie”

La Cave des Papilles

Wahiba:  “The owner, a lover of ‘natural’ wine, has been operating in Paris for 16 years, and of the 1200 wines on offer, 80% are produced organically, while the rest are more traditional. The owner knows each supplier personally, most of them are independent French wine growers.”

Le Rideau de Fer

Wahiba: “a large selection of vinyl (jazz, blues, rock, electro, soundtracks and the rest)”

Le Monte-en-l’air

Wahiba:  “a curiosity shop/gallery/bookshop”

Must Dance:

La Java

Wahiba: “A very typical old school Parisian club. It was built in the heart of the popular Belleville area and the building has not changed much since. Warm and intimate atmosphere, fair prices and a mixed crowd”

Must Drink:

Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde
Le Syndicat


L’Ane Chic
Rosa Sur Seine
Pile ou Face

Must Sleep:

Hotel Notre-Dame


Le Shangri-La


Must Pamper:

Souce:  SpaThemae

Source: SpaThemae

Author:  Chau Hoang
Collaborator:  Wahiba Thiery of Spa Themae
Featured Photo:  A.G. Photography
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