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Picture Perfect

A big empty wall in your space and you have no clue what to do with it. You only have 2 art pieces and they are not enough to fill in the space properly.  Sounds familiar? Well, there is an art behind hanging art.

There are sites that sell prints and originals of many styles that are very useful to fill in gaps or to be statement pieces:,, etc.

Other ideas for cheaper options are to go to flea markets and find old posters in good shape such as maps, landscape pictures, or anything you find interesting. You can pretty much hang anything.


One interesting, fun idea was to get this “grandma” style gold leaf frames with landscape art but have half of them painted in a solid color (including the frame). Check first to be sure it is not a valuable piece!


Mirrors are another useful item to add to your collection. They help multiply light and space. They can also become fun pieces.

Source:  House Beautiful

Source: House Beautiful

One fun and retro trend is to add hand woven tapestries. They can be made from many materials and have tons of color.


Let’s start: bring together all of the art or pictures you want to hang. Remember that the frames (and if needed, the mats) are very important. We will work on ideas beside the typical symmetric arrangement.

The trend is to use the wall as your goal so your pictures can overlook your furniture. This will create a fuller look.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

For the office, the ceiling and the floor are the limits:


For the bedroom:


You can put an oversized picture on top of your night table. You could achieve this look with just a piece of wallpaper and framing it:



For a nursery, you can even frame fabrics:

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Family pictures are also a happy way to create interesting wall art.



Now, how to hang them without making 50 holes for 10 pieces:

1) Arrange the frames on the floor the way you want them hanged. Play with the sizes, and use as much as you want from the wall, but always try to keep a balance.



2) Make paper cut-outs from the frame shapes and mark the location of the hangers.

3) Use tape to locate them on your wall so you can see how they will look. You can move them as you like without making holes.

This last picture is a great example. There are one big piece on each side. The small frames are on top and the other small frames are on the bottom. Good Balance!
So go and add new pieces to your collection. You will be surprised to find some pieces in your basement. Have fun creating!

Share with us your pictures and comments!

Author:  Daniela Olmedo
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