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Inspirations for Fall Decorating

The gathering of family and friends starts this season. I want to share some of my favorite Autum decor, from table settings to door wreaths, that can help make your reunions unforgettable.


When hosting a dinner party, we want our table to look amazing. The key is to pick a color scheme and create contrast around it. For example, if you choose orange as a main color, deep greens and blues will complement it and make the color jump off the plate. If you choose light colors, then dark browns and gold will make the lighter colors shine.  Another color option is purple, which is a great alternative to the red, green and gold for the season.


Candles are this season’s favorite as they create a warm ambiance. You can add some spices, various nuts and leaves around them to enhance the cozy vibe.


Wreaths are another fall decor I see everywhere. They are hung on walls and doors.

My suggestion would be to create your own palette with the inspirations above. I love how deep blues interact with the fall palette. Adding them sparingly as napkins, table cloths and pillows will create a nice contrast to the traditional decor.

I hope you enjoy the  fall season and don’t forget to share with us your favorite picks.

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Author: Daniela Olmedo

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