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Inside the Designer’s Studio: Jasmine Alexander

As one of the world’s most established hubs for style and design, London is a city teaming with creatives who have made an undeniable mark on the world of fashion. I have been lucky enough to get to know one of the most exciting of these designers, making trail blazing contributions to the world of jewelry design: Jasmine Alexander.

In top jewelry circles Jasmine is known for being a rebel. Similar to art icons like: Warhol, Dali and Picasso, she has thrown off traditional approaches to her craft, with amazing results. Taking a unique view of the natural world, she has created beautiful and innovative works employing techniques that have never been used.

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Her unique dedication to innovation is visible in her critically acclaimed piece, “Word to the Wise”: a ring commissioned by Gemfields (owner of the iconic Fabergé brand) featuring a never before seen ring setting, allowing the 3.85ct emerald to seemingly float between the wings, cradled by a platinum collet base that isn’t a collet at all but a smooth claw form giving the illusion of the face and figure of an owl. This ring has gone on to become an icon in the world of jewelry design.


With a range of style and material choices, Jasmine’s work can be customized in a way that gives it a price point accessible to the masses. Her Rebel Lion collection offers affordable options, like her flight rings which are reminiscent of her iconic “word to wise” cast in silver with a range of gem options and finishes.


A keen activist, Jasmine sets off for the Hollywood hills this week to attend a variety of meetings, with the aim of bringing a host of socially and environmentally conscious projects to the fore this year.

The trip will culminate with her attendance at an exciting star-studded VIP arts event hosted by Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa on the Zappa estate.  Art heavy-hitters Ashley Sands and Blaise Patrick are curating the event which will be showcasing some of arts finest in the famed Frank Zappa Studio.

Of the event Jasmine says: “The Zappa’s are doing some remarkable things and I’m excited to take in the works of all the artists, but I’m most intrigued by Lisa Solberg – her artistic sensibilities resonate with me.”

pic 4

To find out more about Jasmine and to purchase her designs, please visit her website.

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Author: Alva Gardner (London, England)

Photos courtesy of Jasmin Alexander studio

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