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IKEA: Wireless Charging

IKEA is usually known for their inexpensive furniture with Scandinavian aesthetic but that is slowly changing. It is not a complete surprise to find out that IKEA is a step ahead of the curve with the introduction of the wireless charging furniture and accessories. The company created a collection to make charging more available, yet a lot less obvious. IKEA integrated charging components into their current offerings from charging pads to furniture with built-in-charging stations. It is a step into the future for furniture and technology.

There are a few caveats to this technology. The main one is that your phone needs to be equipped with Qi-certified wireless charging technology. If not, IKEA offers a special case that adds this wireless charging capability to your phone. The cases that are available are bulky and looks unattractive especially if you have a nice phone or a case already. The current list of Qi-compatible smart devices includes the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Google Nexus 4 through 7, some Nokia and Motorola phones. Unfortunately, the iPhone is not part of this list. The furniture is modern and streamline. If you have a Qi-compatible smartphone, you will love this line from IKEA. If you have an iPhone like me, you should wait for a better option as this line is not compatible enough to make the investment worth it. The wireless charging line is now in stores.

Built-in wireless chargers


Nordli Nightstand with wireless charging $59.99


Norlie Nightstand with wireless charging $109.99


Riggad LED work lamp/wireless charging $79.99


Varv table lamp with wireless charging $69.99


Varv floor lamp with wireless charging $119.00

Wireless charging pads

There are two types of charging pads, the single and the double in wood or white.


Nordmarke triple pad for wireless charging $64.99


Nordmarke single pad for wireless charging $27.99

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Author: Chau Hoang

Photos are courtesy of IKEA

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