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Inspiration: Airstream Makeovers

Airstream is an iconic American brand of luxury campers. The shape of an Airstream dates back to the 1930’s and was immensely popular in the 1970’s. It has been recently popular to see Airstream converted into permanent second homes in the country. In today’s post, I will share two amazing makeovers to inspire everyone to rethink the old Airstream’s potential.

I first saw this video on this Airstream makeover in 2015 at House & Home website and was amazed by how this 210-feet trailer transformed into an enviable weekend getaway. The owners bought an old Airstream and gutted it down to the frame. After they proceeded to paint everything white and streamlined the decor in a modern aesthetic. They used this camper as a sleeping quarter and built a huge deck to house their outdoor living and entertaining space. There was even a shed that served as a guest bedroom.


Source: House & Home

I did more research on this topic and found Auto Camp, a boutique hotel made of renovated 1960’s and 1970’s Airstreams by Hoffman Architecture. The company was able to fit a full size bathroom and hotel amenities into each of the trailer. The modern aesthetic combined with luxury materials that are more often seen in a hotel room create an interesting and livable combination.Their trailers redefine what a luxury camper can look like.

instagram BF.PNG

Source: Auto Camp

This camper has a small workable kitchen and a hang out space. There are also skylights to allow for more light into this small space.


Source: Auto Camp

This small kitchen counter includes a one burner induction stove, sink and eat in bar.


Source: Auto Camp

The sink is built into the quartz counter and slopes downward toward the wall. The plumbing fixtures are mounted to the wall for a seamless look.

instagram autocamp 6

Source: Auto Camp

The wall of shelves create additional storage and hides the electrical unit.


Source: Auto Camp

This futon folds out into another guest bed.


Source: Auto Camp

The sleeping area is at one end of the bed and smartly uses the wide windows and sky light to create a sense of open space in a small area.

instagram autocamp

Source: Auto Camp

The soaking tub even has a jacuzzi function and does not look like it belongs in a camper.

instagram autocamp 4

Source: Auto Camp

These Airstreams function as a sleeping space and a side kick to the star: nature. I hope this post inspires you to take another look at what small space living can become with some ingenuity.


Source: Auto Camp

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Author: Chau Hoang

Featured photo: Auto Camp (


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