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Where to Find Vietnamese Pantry Items

Vietnamese products are easier to find today than when my parents first immigrated to the US in the early 1990s. With a click of a mouse, we can find and ship certain items easier with the addition of Amazon and other online retailers. I was very surprised to see that even sells Viet Huong 3 Crabs brand fish sauce. In today’s post, I will highlight a few vendors, local and online, where one can pick up the essentials.

NYC – Chinatown

There are two Vietnamese markets located near each other in Chinatown by the Grand Street subway station.

1. Tan Tinh Hung Supermarket

This is a small and well organized supermarket that has most of what one would need to cook Vietnamese food.


2. Ken Hing Food Market Inc.

This is a smaller of the two Vietnamese grocery stores that has crammed everything you may need into the small space.


Outside of NYC

1.  Kam Mam Supermarket

Kam Mam is a regional Asian supermarket with locations in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Chinatown NYC. This is where my family shops for all of our Vietnamese food in New Jersey.

Look for Asian/ Chinese supermarkets as they will stock more diverse southeast Asian products than the Korean or Japanese markets.

2. Online (with free shipping) has a good selection of harder to find items, although the prices vary a lot from the supermarket. I would suggest doing some price checks before you place your order. has a good selection of easier to find items such as fish sauce, soy sauce, coconut cream and coconut milk.

Share with us your favorite places to find pantry items that are not listed above.

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