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Tiny Homes Trends

Tiny homes, which are defined loosely as a dwellings that are approximately less than 900 square feet, have been increasingly common over the last few years. This movement is driven by concerns for the environment and a desire for financial security and greater freedom. The size of a tiny home contrasts with the average American house at approximately 2,000 square feet or more. Tiny homes also come in various shapes and sizes but are generally less than $100,000. The price tag depends on whether the structure is built by the owner or by another builder and by the quality of the materials and finishes. The movement has been so popular that there are endless YouTube videos and TV shows that showcase these small spaces.


Source: The Tiny Life

Some key trends have emerged over the past few years. There is usually a lofted bed area but most have eschewed the ladder system for smart built-in stairs with storage solutions. The second trend has been to have multi-functional furniture or transforming furniture. This allows for the resident to maximize the small square footage. The third trend has been to keep a simple color palette and move away from the heavy all-wood look. The light colors gives an illusion of additional space. The fourth trend is to make the most of your outdoor space. Often time the outdoor space is as large as the home itself, depending on where the house is located. These decks can double as an outdoor living space when the weather permits. The fifth trend has been to locate these tiny homes in a community setting whereas in previous years, many of the houses are often isolated and off the grid. The community setting allows for shared resources and a larger communal space for those needing extra room outside their tiny homes. The sixth trend is to make it luxurious with premium materials. Since the square footage is limited, it does not cost as much on a per square foot basis to add premium materials to the build.

Tiny homes require organization and a lot of creativity. This is not a home for everyone but for those who do not need a lot of processions to live day to day. The smaller financial freedom makes these homes perfect for the millennial generation. This is also an opportunity to have a small vacation home in the country without the high maintenance expense or price.

Here are some inspirational videos for tiny house and see how the trends discussed above are incorporated into these homes.

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Author: Chau Hoang

Featured photo: New Frontier Tiny Homes

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