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Let’s style that bookcase

When we decide to decorate our bookcases, there are some things to consider.

1) The bookcase size, depth and height of shelves.

There are many designs we can bring to our house, from custom made to adjustable shelves. Pick a piece that fulfills your needs.


A great option is to use bookcases as space dividers. They let light go through and create an interesting atmosphere.



2) Books.

Besides the obvious, we should pick books that are in good shape and those we love. Have you noticed that bookcases are magnets for guests? They reflect who we are and what topics we are knowledgeable about.  Pick them wisely; otherwise you might find yourself being questioned and not have a clue about the books.


There are different ways to put them in the shelves:  By topic, by color, by size, vertical, horizontal or mixed.



3) Accessories.

I like to see bookcases filled with stories beside the books. That little box you bought on your last trip, that cute picture of your pet, a nice globe you bought at the flea market or even that beautiful painting you got online. Don’t be afraid to add any elements that bring a happy memory to you.




4) Bookcase style

There are many types of bookcases:

a) Wood


b) Metal


c) Acrylic


d) Color


5) Hacks or restored.

Bookcases are one thing that can easily be made and found in flea markets or garage sales.

This bookcase is made from 3 Ikea bookcases with extra panels and moldings:


6) Hang on them.


If your piece is made out of wood or a material that allows you to hang things, you can add some art on it. Or just lean them against the bookshelf.



7) Fun colors.

Find and add colors or wallpapers to your bookcase to give them a fun look.


Let us know how your bookshelf project turned out and check our Pinterest for more ideas!

For more design ideas, check our DESIGN page.

Author:  Daniela Olmedo

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