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Best of Target: Nate Berkus Affordable Office Decor

We spend so much of our lives at the office so why not infuse it with some glamour and personality. Lucky for us, there is a way to jazz up the workplace with affordable finds from Target. Target came out with the spring collection from Nate Berkus and we want it all. These are our picks for the best items to revitalize your work space today.             You can find these items at Target online store. For related posts, visit our DESIGN page. Author: Chau Hoang

Inspiration: Basement

Basement can be seen as a dark and dingy area of a home where the potential is often forgotten. I recently scrolled through House & Home website and found a few videos that will inspire you to rethink your basement potential. My favorite was Suzanne Dimma’s basement renovation where she converted her basement into an office, a common area and a wonderful new laundry room in a Scandinavian aesthetic. One can spend a whole day down in her basement and not feel claustrophobic. Here is a video from House & Home with a tour of the basement. Barbara Bundy renovated her 900 sf basement into a traditional and cosy family space that anyone would want to hang out in. Similar to Suzanne Dimma’s basement, the decor in this basement can easily be above ground. You can see a video of this wonderful renovation at this link at House & Home. For the 2012 Princess Margaret Hospital show home, Lynda Reeves designed this spacious basement filled with IKEA products. The catch is that it does not look …

Big Box Scout: Mad About Plaid

If you have not noticed lately, plaid has become the pumpkin spice of prints. You can find it on cups, throws, pillows, drapery, upholstery, and everything in between every Autumn. Plaid made a strong comeback since 2009 and has become a mainstay for the foreseeable future.  There are many ways to incorporate plaid into your interiors and I have selected a few inspirations below. Plaid is a popular fabric choice for cabin style interiors.  However, there is a way to make your space glow and be stylish without it looking like a recreation of a log cabin. Check out the  fabulous variation in colors and patterns.  You can mix and match to make the space appear more interesting. Plaid as Drapery Plaid in a Children’s Room Big Box Scout Report I went to my favorite local big box stores and found the coolest options with affordable prices.  The selections are numerous at various price points.  Here are some of the items that caught my attention at Target, West Elm, and CB2. 1. Target      2. West Elm …

CB2 x Kravitz Design Limited Edition

CB2 is one of my favorite stores to find affordable modern furniture. CB2 teamed up with Lenny Kravitz’s design firm to introduce a limited edition collection available in stores and online starting October 1.  The collection’s price point is slightly higher than the average CB2 furniture and the aesthetic has a strong 70’s vibe.  Check out the collection and let us know what you think. For related articles, visit the DESIGN page. Author:  Chau Hoang Featured photo: CB2

Light It Up

I asked my friends what topic they want me to write about next and many agreed on lamps. Coincidentally, I had planned on writing about this topic for weeks. I know there are so many options to pick from ranging in price and style. It is a hard to make a decision. Lamps can be pricey, especially the ceiling lamps. Any good designer will tell you that there is a lot of time and work  behind a beautiful piece. Think of these lamps as if you are buying a valuable piece of art. So if you run into one that is a bit higher than your budget, don´t automatically eliminate it. Maybe you can adjust your budget with other things to make room for the lamp. The trend right now is to have beautiful and clean lines. It can be a wire shade. It can also be a structure that parts like branches in a asymmetrical way or in a very symmetrical design. My favorite colors are white, black, copper, brass and gold. The light bulbs have …

Upcoming IKEA Limited Edition Collaborations for Fall 2015

At La Vie Partagée, we love mixing IKEA products into our interiors to create a mix of high and low, and not to mention helping our wallet at the same time.  IKEA has limited edition series which are much more interesting than their regular products.  There are two series that are being released in September and October and we are excited to get our hands on them. SITTNING Collection (September 2015) According to IKEA: “The SITTNING collection is based on over 40 pieces of dinnerware, flatware, glasses, cutlery, vases, candle holders and tablecloths. Designed with coordination and composition in mind, these objects are ready to turn an ordinary evening into an extraordinary evening. Made from natural materials such as cotton, mouth-blown glass and solid wood. Available in all shapes and sizes, just like your loved ones.” The moodiness in the various color combinations in this series is perfect to showcase at all the dinners and parties to take place throughout the holiday season. This is a nice tongue-in-cheek place mat to remind guests to put away …

Season Favorites: Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Fall is almost here and we thought you might want to know about this season’s top colors and other essentials for inspiration. Here are some examples of what is currently trending for the fall. Colors It is all about deep colors and contrast. You can pick strong tones for key pieces or walls to make a contrast with a more neutral palette. Nature is the inspiration like the deepness of the ocean, a sunrise, a foggy forest, etc. The scandinavian combo: black + white + wood is still in the spotlight. Materials Metals, stone, ceramic and glass. Fabrics and prints Play with colors and textures. Wool is a big favorite and velvet is back. Plaid is here for the season but also look out for abstract designs which are trending. Overall, I would say this season is about connecting with nature and the basics. I hope you can find some interesting pieces and create that perfect atmosphere for your interiors. For related articles, visit the DESIGN page. Author: Daniela Olmedo Feature photo: