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Bathroom Style

When we are designing our home, usually the bathrooms and powder rooms are left until the end.  However, this doesn’t mean we should not design them.  A beautiful and organized bathroom will help us relax.


1) Let’s pick a concept.

Do you want it contemporary, eclectic, minimal, rustic, retro or classic?





2) Take your time to pick the fixtures.

Options can include chrome, mate, golden or even black.


 3) Lighting 

Sconces and wall lamps bring a lot of life and “coziness” to the bathroom.


4)  Floors can be made of stones, tiles or even wood.

Here are some inspirations.



5)  Add art! 

Framed art brings a new life to the space. A bathroom is not an exception. I would recommend exploring more options than the typical “sea-themed” bathroom.


6) Mirrors

Love the “mirror over mirror” concept .  The idea of multiple mirrors in an area works great as well.


7)  Consider wallpaper

In the case of powder rooms or bathrooms that have good humidity control, you can add wallpaper to make an impact.



Start making some plans and think about how much you want to change the existing space.  If your bathroom’s layout is well thought out and free of clutter, regardless the aesthetics, you might even see more efficiency in your morning routine.

I hope you got some inspiration to get started.

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Author:  Daniela Olmedo


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