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Styling: Coffee Table

You finally found the perfect coffee table and now you understand how a painter feels staring at an empty canvas. Where do you start?

1) Start with the geometry

What shape or shapes do you have?  If it is a rectangle, many designers suggest dividing it in three.  If it is a circle, divide it in four.  There is no real rule but this is a good start.

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2) Play with materials

If your table top is wood, give it a contrast with a different type of wood, or even better, metals, stones, acrylics or glass.

3) Elements that work


-Books and magazines

-Flowers and plants

-Sculptures, vases or bowls


-Collector elements

You can even add table games or interesting objects bought in museums or antique stores.

4) All about balance

Start with a balanced layout. The largest object will dictate most of it.

Decide if it is going to be asymmetrical or symmetrical.

Will it part from the center?

Are you highlighting the corners?

Bright colors or neutral?

5) Don’t forget what it is for

You have to consider people might not have room for their glasses or cups if you saturate the surface (which you might have done intentionally).  Unwanted marks might be left behind on your books or elements if you don’t have coasters handy.

I hope this was helpful in your adventure of styling your table. Remember that it is one of the main focus elements in a living space.

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Author: Daniela Olmedo

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