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Light It Up

I asked my friends what topic they want me to write about next and many agreed on lamps. Coincidentally, I had planned on writing about this topic for weeks. I know there are so many options to pick from ranging in price and style. It is a hard to make a decision.

Lamps can be pricey, especially the ceiling lamps. Any good designer will tell you that there is a lot of time and work  behind a beautiful piece. Think of these lamps as if you are buying a valuable piece of art. So if you run into one that is a bit higher than your budget, don´t automatically eliminate it. Maybe you can adjust your budget with other things to make room for the lamp.

The trend right now is to have beautiful and clean lines. It can be a wire shade. It can also be a structure that parts like branches in a asymmetrical way or in a very symmetrical design. My favorite colors are white, black, copper, brass and gold. The light bulbs have also become super stars with all those interesting filaments folded inside the glass.


Here are some options I selected from affordable stores to help you add beautiful fixtures to your interiors:

Ceiling Lamps

First think about what type of light you need. There are some that reflect light to the ceiling, others down or directional. Also make sure you check to see how many light bulbs the lamp requires since there are spaces that are small. Over lighting small spaces could be a mistake. If you still like the fixture, invest in a dimmer.

Ceiling lamps can also be used for side tables and night stands as they can bring a refreshing look to the space and save you room on the surface.

Wall Lamps or Scones

They are great for accents but you can find them to be very functional when adjusted directionally.

Table Lamps

They come in all shapes and heights. Be sure to get a piece that works for what you need. If it is a reading lamp, it has to be high enough not to create a shadow.

Floor Lamps

These are a great fix for empty small corners or to bring a vertical element to the space.

I hope you find some inspirations to help fill the missing pieces in your space!

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Author:  Daniela Olmedo

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