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Review: Framebridge

When I moved into my new office this spring, I decided that I needed to make this space less sterile. The easiest way to make an office warm and personal is to hang up art pieces. The process of framing art has always been expensive and tedious. I did some research on framing options and found Framebridge. This is a review of my experience after having four pieces framed at this e-commerce site. launched in 2014 by Susan Tynan, CEO, to “to make it easy for everyone to frame the things they love.”


The process to get your art framed is as followed:


The pricing is based on certain size and includes free delivery.

There are currently 37 frame options available. Instead of glass, Framebridge uses high quality acrylic.

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My experience overall have been very positive. I started with a small poster (9” x 12”). I uploaded the art and chose the Irvine Slim with no mat. The item came promptly. I paid $69 ($79 standard price with $10 off coupon for new client) and included free shipping.


I then went ahead and had another custom art framed. This time the piece was medium in size and priced at $99. I used the design service which gave me a few options and I ended up with the Irvine in black. That piece also came timely.


My third experience was shipping the art (14″ x 11″ artwork size) to the studio. Somehow my photograph got creased on the way to the studio. Framebridge than promptly notified me of the issue and discussed options on how to proceed. I was able to get an image of the photograph from the UK photographer and then I uploaded it to the site. Framebridge sent my original photograph back and then sent me the framed art. The only issue was that the art was cropped in a way that the photograph and frame is smaller than what I had ordered. I brought up this issue with Framebridge and we resolved it by having the image crop to the size of my original photograph. I had to send back the framed art (wrong size) to the company. Framebridge should have notified me of the sizing issue of the image and ask how to proceed before making the executive decision the first time. It would have saved time and effort.


The fourth experience was for me to upload a photograph of my family and have it framed and shipped to my mother for Mother’s Day. The art came without incident. It appears that uploading the image is the best way to go.

The frames that I received are of high quality and the convenience match the prices. I also chose modern and simple frames. If the framing is for smaller art work or photos, it may be more cost effective to buy a pre-made frame at a store. If you have art that you want to show case and it comes in a nonstandard size, this is a great option. I ultimate paid for the convenience and I am happy with the deliverable. I would also stick to uploading images for print. I don’t know if I would have the confidence to ship very expensive art to a studio to frame it.

*This is an independent review with no compensation from Framebridge.

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Author: Chau Hoang

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  1. Pix says

    Thank you so much for writing this post! I’ve been looking into using them and it’ so rare to find an independent review. I wonder how’s the print quality? I’m reluctant to try them since I don’t know if the photos i upload will be printed to high standards.


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