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Boston Spotlight: Finding Hidden Sushi Gems

After getting a thorough education on sushi during my time in Japan and my 8 years living in NYC, I considered myself knowledgeable enough on quality sushi.  Ever since I moved to Boston three years ago, I have been on a mission to find quality sushi around the Boston area. My definition of quality includes freshness, authenticity and creativity. I am a purist so I generally stick to only sushi or sashimi and always try to go for an Omakase.  Boston doesn’t lack the abundance of sushi restaurants, but good quality sushi is hard to come by.  I spent hours trying to find the “hidden gems” and scouring “Eaters Boston” and “Yelp” for recommendations and coming back a little disappointed each time.  The sushi god has  finally led me to 2  worthy restaurants that can go “toe to toe” with the best of them.  They have the killer combo of amazing sushi or sashimi and a reasonable price point.

Cafe Sushi

(1105 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138; Cafe Sushsi Website)

Cafe Sushi

Source: the owner

After eyeing this restaurant for quite some time, we decided to stop by very late one night for omakase.  The space resembles a typical strip mall restaurant.  From the inside, it looks like a 1980’s Chinese restaurant that is  in need of a revamp.  Once you get past the interior, you are in for a treat!

Cafe Sushi 2

Source: the owner

The omakase is the hidden jewel that blew us away.  The omakase varies each night depending on the ingredients and ranges from $85 to $90 for 11 to 15 pieces of sushi and 3 palette cleanser dishes.  It is recommended to make reservation for the omakase and request the sushi bar seating for an authentic experience.

The restaurant sources seasonal seafood from around the world and at the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.  The restaurant has been around since the 1980’s but have recently added a new sushi chef that has truly elevated the restaurant.

Here is a picture of the seasonal selection for the night.


Here are a few pictures of our omakase.

Fish Market Sushi Bar

(170 brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134; Fish Market Website)

Fish Market

Source: from the owner

Fish Market 2

Source: from the owner

Fish Market is a tiny sushi bar in Allston that is reminiscent to the sushi bars along the alleyways of Tokyo or Kyoto.  There are limited seating and it is “first come, first serve”.  I first tried their food two years ago and fell in love with their traditional sushi preparation.  They also have ventured into more experimental offering in recent years.  The ingredients are superb and at a shockingly reasonable price point.  The space is designed in the Scandinavian aesthetic.  This is the place that I would recommend for your weekly sushi fix.

I have not had the opportunity to try out O Ya but I’ve heard it’s more “fusion”and  extends beyond sushi.

Let me know if you have any recommendation for La Vie Partagée to test out.


*This is not a paid advertisement for these two restaurants but La Vie Partagee’s personal preference.  La Vie Partagee’s also decline to publish the other sushi restaurants that we have tried before making our final recommendation.  These restaurants have their own merits but did not meet our recommendation criteria.


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Author: Thai-Anh Hoang

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