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Nils Holger Moormann’s Micro Cube Living

I recently discovered Nils Holger Moormann, a German design company named after its founder that offers amazing modern interior ideas and furniture. In order to address the rising cost and decreasing size of living space for the new generation, Moorman created KammerspielThis is a cube with a room-within-a-room concept. The cube is meant to fit in a middle of a square studio size dwelling where each side of the cube represents a living area. This prototype can be the model for the next generation of micro living.

The lofted bed takes advantage of the high ceiling and the stairs double as storage space.


Side 1 contains the storage staircase to the loft and also an additional closet.


Side 2 houses a bike in this version. This can easily be converted into additional storage or a mini office space.



Side 3 of the cube acts as a living space with a built-in sofa.There is additional storage underneath the seat. You can simply add two folding chairs and a coffee table to create a living room when you have guests.




Side 4 becomes the kitchen and dining area with a collapsible table for two and a pantry. In this example, the appliances are built onto the opposite wall and thereby creating a separate kitchen and dining area.



The interior of the cube offers spacious storage area and hides clutter.



This model also takes advantage of the room walls to create each separate “room” in this  apartment.



Overall, this is an inventive way to maximize space, although I recognize that this concept may not fit into a non-square room. Moorman is an interesting company that I will continue to follow and I hope Moorman continues to impress with its creativity and ingenuity.

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Author: Chau Hoang

Photos courtesy of Nils Holger Moorman

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