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The Beginner Gardener Series: The 3 essential tools for gardening

When I was a beginner gardener, I made the  rookie mistake of buying multiple gardening tools that one would use in a traditional garden, including a trowel, transplanter, cultivator, weeding fork, and weeder.  Over the last three years, I found that I could replace them all with 3 tools: a trowel, a weeder, and a Korean traditional garden ho called “a homi”.  If I could only purchase one tool, then a “homi” would be the Swiss army knife.

  1. The homi:  This was a “do it all” hand tool since the Bronze Age for Koreans.  I started to see them used in Korean YouTube horticulture videos and decided to purchase one last year on Amazon.  It was the best gardening decision that I have ever made!  It made my life so much easier.  It has a curved handle and a blade with a unique shape that allows you to dig, weed, mound, etc… all encompassed in one tool.  You can find a homi at multiple price points on Amazon by searching for a “Korean homi garden tool”.
  2. The trowel: This tool is great for moving potting soil or fertilizer into buckets or grow bags.
  3. The weeder: This tool is a must-have for grabbing tough weeds down to their roots and extracting them.  As our garden is in the ground and not in raised beds, I do a fair amount of weeding throughout the growing season.  This little hand tool enables me to remove pesky weeds, while not damaging the vegetables or flowers that are growing around them.

Happy gardening!

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